Skiset Economy Class

Skiset (skis, boots, poles). Revving and comfortable. Acceptable edge grip.

  • Skiset (skis, boots, poles)
  • Comfort with little effort
  • Fun on the slopes with high fault tolerance

*Carefree Package:


  • No retention cost
  • Optimal protection for you rental
  • No Risk - No worries

Relieves you from retention costs if your rental skis are stolen or damaged.
Your Carefree Package frees your from having to pay a deductible in case of breakage or theft!
Your rental equipment is in principle insured against breakage and theft.
In case of claim, so for example if your skis break or are stolen, you must pay a deductible (SUPERIOR € 350, PREMIUM € 250, ECONOMY € 150).
You need only pay a one-off charge of € 8,00 (rental of max. 2 days) or € 16 (rental of 3 days or more) for the Carefree Package and then you won’t have to pay any deductible!
A police report is required in case of theft!